What is Giclée?

Giclée is a Museum quality fine art print. The name Giclée (pronounced zhee-clay) is derived from the French verb "giclar", meaning "to squirt". A Giclée print is a high resolution, archival quality digital print that is recognized as the most accurate reproduction of fine art available today.

For the artist

The advantage of Giclée prints to an artist are clear; once the digital image is created, identical copies can be printed as needed, eliminating excessive inventory and press runs. Additional sales opportunities are created by having more than one original to sell.

The first step in producing a Giclée print is creating a digitized copy of the original. This is accomplished with a high resolution digital scan from the original, a film transparency of the original, or by taking a digital photograph of the original, which ensures that every nuance of the original art work is captured and reproducible.

The second step is the proofing process. The artist can view test prints, assuring their print is as true to the original as possible. This work flow provides the best possible communication between the artist and the "atelier". 5000K encourages the artist to "sit" with us if possible at this stage to ensure that every possible adjustment is made.

The last step, combining state of the art inkjet technology and traditional craftsmanship, is printing the artwork using archival inks and fine art papers.

If a Giclée print is treated with the same care as an original piece of art, it will last 100+ years without noticeable fading.


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