1978 - Birth of 5000K Inc. Rick Kyle and partners open 5000K Color Studio on Bay State Road, Boston, MA. Conventional Ektachrome film retouching was accomplished by hand; dyes and chemicals were applied with paintbrushes to the actual film.


1980 - 5000K Color Studio moves to 281 Summer St. Boston, MA. 5000K's name becomes synonymous with high quality and a reputation is established as the premier retouching studio in Boston. A color Lab is added to provide photo printing and film processing.


1982 - 5000K recognizes the future of the industry is digital. We become the first studio in Boston to acquire an LVT film recorder and Two SuperSet high end retouching workstations along with a Howtek Drum scanner.


1993 - 5000K sells the conventional color lab to focus it's attention on retouching. Eliminating the lab allowed 5000K the luxury of going back to the roots of the company while staying abreast of the new technology flooding the digital market.



2001 - 5000K moves to a new location on the South Shore. The studio is now located at 15 Little Brook Road, Pembroke, MA.


2002 - 5000K adds a wide format printer. The company now offers photographic printing and Fine Art Giclee printing to the list of it's services.


2018 - 5000K celebrates it's 40th anniversary.